The Statement: SWTBRDS

when the idea for swtbrds first came up in 2008, it was a simple one. we were a group of friends all making art–music, design and illustration, photography, and film. around that time, the internet felt liver than it probably ever had, and we saw an opportunity to get organized…to get our act together. we decided to band all of our resources together to create a vehicle that could get our art farther along, and more importantly, allow us to create on our own terms. so we made a logo, told ourselves we’d do everything in-house, from the music to the videos, the album art…everything. we became known as swtbrds creative collective, dropped our first official release in 2009, and things started to unfold in amazing ways. 

since then, we’ve experienced life like we could’ve never imagined. we’ve traveled all over the country to perform in major cities like new york and la, at festivals like cmj and sxsw. never did we think we’d have the biggest media outlets talking about our music, our art. we were excited when we started to see our albums pop up in xxl, complex, the fader, pitchfork, the source, wax poetics…shit, even esquire. we’ve met lifelong friends along the way, and have strengthened our own bonds within the collective to the point of family. the funny thing is, we never sought out to be a label, but naturally, as a crew that was putting out quality music, that’s how people understood us so we ran with it. however, at our core, we’ve always been an art collective, a group of friends making shit together. 

fast forward to 2014. here we are. we’ve all grown tremendously, as both artists and human beings. and now it’s time to push that growth farther, beyond our current boundaries. we’re gonna bookend this chapter of our lives as a collective as we take steps forward to create new chapters and redefine everything.

with respect to that, we will be leaving up all of our music on bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, and this website. the content we put out as swtbrds will live on as an archive, with everything still accessible online via our website, youtube, soundcloud, and bandcamp. 

stay tuned in with everyone from the collective as we all take steps forward in our paths. let us be clear–this aint no ending, just the next step in our ongoing story. new creations are on the way, sooner than you think. peace to everyone who was a part of this chapter, especially the fans. thank you, we love yall. 

— the collective

Al Jieh - Scales, Volume 2


Download+Stream: Bandcamp or Soundcloud

2nd volume in Al Jieh’s Scales beat tape series, a collection of instrumentals of previous songs that served as backdrops to Shady Blaze, DaVinci, Main Attrakionz ( Squadda Bambino & MondreM.A.N ), Ammbush, and D.How The Money Mayka.

All songs produced by Al Jieh

01 Al Jieh - [D.How The Money Mayka] Cocaine Rush (Soy Guapo Edit) 
02 Al Jieh - [MondreM.A.N] - Just Anotha Day (Give Thx Edit) 
03 Al Jieh - [MondreM.A.N & DaVinci] - Go Outside (Inside Edit) 
04 Al Jieh - [DaVinci] - Beastin (Cooln Edit) 
05 Al Jieh - [MondreM.A.N] - Its Not Ova (Neva Eva Edit) 
06 Al Jieh - [MondreM.A.N & DaVinci] - Get Mine (RnBeezy Edit) 
07 Al Jieh - [Shady Blaze] - Shady Side (Painkillers Edit) 
08 Al Jieh - [D.How The Money Mayka] - Useless (Yung Annie Edit) 
09 Al Jieh - [MondreM.A.N] - I Wana Share Dis (Winter Heat Edit) 
10 Al Jieh - [MondreM.A.N] - Many Nites Many Dayz (Bluez Edit) 
11 Al Jieh - [Ammbush] - Mama Badboy (RIP Edit) 
12 Al Jieh - [Main Attrakionz & DaVinci & Shady Blaze] - Luv That Luv Dis (Slo Sex Edit) 
13 Al Jieh - [Shady Blaze] - GOMH (Most Loved Edit)

D.How The Money Mayka - Rack of Lamb


Download+Stream: Bandcamp or Soundcloud

New album by D.How The Money Mayka. The Nicaraguan Mexican African American San Franciscan (born & bred) invites you to feast on some rack of lamb and titties like a real Thorobred.

Read his exclusive interview at YouthfulKinfolk.com.

01. Menace (Prod. by D.How The Money Mayka) 
02. Neva Ask Why (Prod. by D.How The Money Mayka) 
03. Trapt (Prod. by Rob Cake) 
04. Cuzn Bryant (Prod. by Monk & D.How The Money Mayka) 
05. Diamonds Out (Prod. by YNGxSLF) 
06. Cocaine Rush (Prod. by Al Jieh) 
07. Useless (Prod. by Al Jieh) 
08. Quarter Til 3 (Prod. by Rob Cake) 
09. Love Don’t (Prod. by D.How The Money Mayka) 
10. We Buy Gold Ft. Panch Da Conflict & DaVinci (Prod. by Monk) 
11. Rack of Lamb (Prod. by Rob Cake)

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Main Attrakionz’s MondreM.A.N. dropped his debut solo album today. You can purchase and stream at online retailers everywhere. We’ll be updating this post with retail links over the course of the next week (below).

Thank you to everyone who worked on this album, from MondreM.A.N. to Al Jieh, who produced the whole thing, to Ammbush the guru, Tim and PaperSon for the music videos (so far), Terry and Roma came with some amazing photos, Greg and Nick on all the backend hustling, Alex Petty (Crud Castle) came clutch with the artwork, and Veej + Rob (Majorminor) designing and laying everything out from all the digital art to the zine to the merch!

The artwork above is for the limited edition cassette tape, which you can pre-order at swtbrds.com/shop. And CLOUDD UP tees directly from Mondre at greeno5kings2ndflow.bigcartel.com.